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Denis Safin, General Director of Zagorsky Pipe Plant JSC, took part in a meeting of the expert round table “Russian Economics: People, affairs, ideas”.

01 January 1970

Round table and photo exhibition with the same name were organized under the auspices the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and managers' associations . Denis Safin, General Director of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant (ZTZ), made a welcoming speech to the guests of the event, attended by representatives of the expert and business community, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Labor of Russia, the relevant committees of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the VTsIOM, trade union organizations.

The invited experts at the meeting were the director and corporate communications of the largest Russian companies, the ZTZ JSC was attended by the director of personnel and development of personnel Rashid Ishmukhametov and the deputy general director of corporate communications Ilya Vlasenko.

The main question of the agenda concerned the working specialties in modern production, reformatting the concepts that have strengthened since Soviet times according to the modern concept of the digital development of industrial enterprises.

“Today, the problem of attracting workers is relevant for all industrial enterprises. People with experience are afraid of changes and digitalization, young people do not consider factories, because it is "not prestigious." In this context, the task of PR- and HR specialists radically change the image of the worker, increasing interest in these specialties, their prestige and demand, using social networks, blogosphere, traditional media. The development of state programs that popularize the working professions at the local and federal levels would become significant assistance to each production company. ”, - Ilya Vlasenko, deputy general director of JSC ZTZ .

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