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Project "Running the Golden Ring"
Project "Running the Golden Ring"
24 April 2023
The project "Running the Golden Ring" is a sports festival, uniting in 2014 hundreds of sports lovers from different regions of Central Russia. Starts take place in eight cities of the famous tourist route and not only: for example, in Myshkin, which, although it is not included in the Golden Ring, is a memorable stop on the path of travelers. The metallurgists of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant take part in the races for several years. In 2020, our team took first place in the team standings. According to the metallurgists participating in the start in Tutaev, the most difficult point of the race was the local attraction-the so-called black mountain. The peculiarity of this stage is that in the half marathon it must be overcome four times, and at a distance of 10 kilometers - two. Even for runners with experience, this is a serious load: the hill has steep slopes-35-40 degrees, athletes should conquer 250 meters. The second start of a series of half -marathons will again be held on Yaroslavl land, in Rostov the Great - the oldest and most picturesque city of the region. Next in line-Pereslavl-Zalessky, Myshkin, Kostroma, Moscow, Ivanovo, Rybinsk, Tula, Uglich, Yaroslavl. We wish our team interesting tracks and successful starts!
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