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Care for the environment
Zagorsky Pipe Plant actively implements the principles of "green" metallurgy, allowing to reduce the negative impact on the environment. The company is located in the Sergiev Posad municipal district, one of the most picturesque Municipalities of the Moscow Region with 12 specially protected natural territories inhabited by rare species of animals, birds and plants. The plant is the youngest metallurgical enterprise in Russia. youngest steel company in Russia, built from scratch and equipped with the most modern, safe and energy efficient
Attention to the problems of the population
Our focus is on children in difficult life situations, as well as those with developmental peculiarities. We consider it important and necessary to respond to the requests of those who in need of help. We are convinced that business should be socially oriented.
Secure production
Protecting the life and health of our employees is an absolute priority. We achieve production and economic objectives by providing all conditions for safe and efficient work. We have established a strong safety culture that allows us to We foster a new generation of workers for whom safety is a natural a natural need.
Sport for Life
JSC Zagorsky Pipe Plant supports the desire of its employees to lead a healthy lifestyle. lifestyle. The company has its own hockey team and a social program, under which employees can The company has its own hockey team and a social program under which employees can take part in physical training on favorable terms. We are sure that a healthy team means high production efficiency.