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JSC "Zagorsky Pipe Plant" manufactures tubular piling (including out-of-gauge lengths) using different locking joints and protective coatings according to the customer's requirements. We offer ready-made solutions for the arrangement of quay walls, hydraulic structures (including those operated in the Far North and the Arctic), pits with high groundwater level, viaduct supports and multi-level interchanges.
Russian and foreign-made locks (LPB-100, LPB-180, LPB-248, LPB-300, PZM-US, PZF-US, FD-180, FD-248, FD-300, WOM/WOF profiles, made of low-alloy steel of strength class not lower than C355) are used in manufacture of tubepunches.
Large diameter pipes
Zagorsky Pipe Plant JSC is the only enterprise in the country that produces seamless and welded steel line pipes with cladding that meet the requirements of API-5LD.
Piles for bridges and overpasses
ZTZ JSC manufactures pipe piles (including out-of-gauge lengths) with diameters ranging from 508 to 1420 mm. Scope of application: construction and arrangement of bridges, roads, crossings. Strength class of DO KP 590 with yield strength up to 650 MPa. Our products are distinguished by high quality (use of high-strength construction steel grades С440-С540 according to GOST 27772-2015) and compliance with international standards (EN10217, EN102019, EN10224, API5L). Zagorsky Pipe Plant also carries out complex deliveries of pipe products for construction of sea and land infrastructure, including pipes of extra large diameter (1520-2520×24,0; 28,0; 35,0 mm of C590 steel).
Company products
JSC Zagorsky Pipe Plant produces:
High pressure welded steel pipes at moderate temperatures.
Welded steel pipes designed for high pressure applications at moderate temperatures (ASTM A672 (ASME SA672).
Welded steel pipes for use in pipeline transportation systems in the oil and gas industry.
Compliant with PSL1 AND PSL2 (EN ISO 3183), for use in pipeline transportation systems in the oil and gas industry under two levels of product requirements (PSL1 and PSL2).
Welded steel pipes for oil and gas industry, port construction, heating networks.
Length - from 9 to 12.2 m, diameter - from 5.05-1422 mm, strength class - up to X100 (comply: TU 1381-029-85736056-2015, TU, TU, GOST 31447-2012, GOST 20295-85).

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Delivery of pipe products is carried out by rail, road and water transport. around the world, including foreign countries. Zagorsk Pipe Plant cooperates with the best logistics companies and fully accompanies the process of cargo transportation from the factory to the final points.

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Name Number of normative documentation Assortment Strength class, steel grade Pipe length, m Note
Outer diameter, mm Wall thickness, mm
ELECTRIC WELDED STEEL PIPES OUTER DIAMETER 530-1220 mm FOR MAIN OIL PIPELINES FOR WORKING PRESSURE UP TO 11.8 MPa TU 1381-029-85736056-2015 530 8,0-25,0 K50-K60 Up to 12.2 I level - normal execution; II level - cold-resistant design
630 8,0-26,0
720 8,0-26,0
820 9,0-30,0
1020 11,0-33,0
1067 11,0-35,0
1220 13,0-35,0
630 8,0-26,0
720 8,0-26,0
820 9,0-30,0
920 10,0-30,0
1020 11,0-33,0
1220 13,0-35,0
1420 13,0-35,0
EXPANDED ELECTRIC-WELDED STEEL PIPES INTENDED FOR OAO YAMAL LNG TU 1381-031-85736056-2015 530 16,0-26,0 K60 Up to 12.2
ELECTRIC WELDED STEEL PIPES OUTER DIAMETER 1020-1420 mm FOR MAIN GAS PIPELINES FOR WORKING PRESSURE UP TO 32.0 MPa TU 1381-032-85736056-2015 From 1020 to 1220 inclusive From 0.01xD to 35.0 inclusive K52-K65 Up to 12.2 Category C Ø1020-1220 P≤7.5MPa; Category D Ø1020-1420 P≤10.0Mpa;
over 1220 15.7 to 35.0 inclusive
Longitudinal electric-welded steel pipes diameter 530-1020 mm with wall thickness up to 32 mm for main gas pipelines, oil pipelines and oil product pipelines TU 14-3-1573-96 530 7,0-24,0 09G2S, 17G1S(U), 13G1S(U), 12G2SB, 10G2FBY Up to 12.2
630 7,0-24,0
720 7,0-30,0
820 8,0-30,0
1020 10,0-32,0
Welded steel pipes for main gas wires, oil pipelines and oil products GOST 31447- 2012 530-1420 8,0-35,0 K34-K60 Up to 12.2
Longitudinal electric-welded steel pipes general purpose GOST 10706-76 530-1420 8,0-35,0 St2, St3, low-legged wrought with Se≤0.48 Up to 12.2
Welded steel pipes for main gas oil pipelines GOST 20295-85 530-1420 8,0-35,0 K34-K60 Up to 12.2
Piping pipes c PSL1 requirement level and PSL2. Pipe type - SAWL. API Spec 5L 559 8,0-25,0 L245-L690 (B-X100) able deliveries: N, M, Q. Up to 12.2 February 2017
610 8,0-26,0
762 8,0-26,0
813 9,0-30,0
914 10,0-30,0
1067 11,0-33,0
1219 13,0-35,0
1422 13,0-35,0