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Мы молоды и готовы к любым вызовам рынка
We are young and ready for any market challenge
The birth of the idea of building a modern pipe plant.
Negotiations with potential equipment suppliers, comparison of technical and commercial proposals, selection of optimal equipment configuration and key personnel.
Beginning of the formation of a fund of funds aimed at the construction of the plant.
Decision to start the investment project. Conclusion of contract with Hauesler equipment supplier for basic engineering of pipe production line, start of works on plant design.
Conclusion of a contract for the supply of equipment for the Hauesler large-diameter pipe production line.
Conclusion of a contract for the supply of equipment for the line of inner and outer insulation of Selmers.
Approval of the project in the State Expert Review Board. Blessing of the foundation laying by Father Dmitry from Trinity Sergius Lavra.
Start of installation of the Hauesler large-diameter pipe production line and the Selmers insulation line.
Launch of the first Zagorskaya pipe
Shipment of the first commercial batch of large-diameter pipes.
Start of the certification procedure for Zagorsk pipes in Gazprom.
Inclusion of the company in the register of product suppliers for Gazprom.
Reloading of the Russian pipe market in the presence of Alexey Miller and Andrey Vorobyov, start of production of the first pipe for Gazprom.
First shipment of the first batch of pipes for Gazprom.
Passing of API audit for API 5L certificate.
Signing of the program of scientific and technical cooperation with Gazprom.
Mastering of pipes made of steel with the strength of K65.
Production of 500,000 tons of large-diameter pipes.
Production of the millionth large-diameter pipe.
Modernization of the large-diameter pipe production line, increasing the hourly output to 17 pipes per hour.
Launch of the construction of the Pipe Industry Resource Center in Sergiev Posad.