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Metallurgy 2.0
Our approach to shaping Russia's pipe industry, our business philosophy
Metallurgy 2.0 is based on the available inputs that formed the basis of the company's three operating principles:
The company's activities are not limited solely to production
The company's activities are not limited solely to production...
Continuous development of the company
Providing our customers with unique solutions...
Creating a competitive market
Only honest and open competition can lie at the heart of business...
Company vision

Zagorsky Pipe Plant JSC is one of the key companies in the domestic steel industry, defining new trends in the industry and demonstrating efficient management and allocation of internal resources.

Our advantage is in our youth. ZTZ JSC is not a successor of enterprises operating since Soviet times. We are adapted to the new market realities, we build and develop efficient production facilities - compact and large, but always justifying the investments made by the customer.

We are new
We did not take part in the privatization of the country's wealth created by the Soviet people. We build and develop new enterprises based on modern market mechanisms.
We are young and ready for any market challenge
We are not afraid to propose solutions that no one has dared to propose before us, to change established paradigms.
We bring the most efficient and compact production to the market
that are able to maximize the return on investment for both us and our clients.
The company's mission

JSC "Zagorsky Pipe Plant" provides the maximum advantage to partners, offering the best products in the metallurgical industry and convenient service at an affordable price. Our position: only fair competition can form the basis of business, it opens new opportunities both for us and our partners.

Our priorities
Technology and expertise
The plant has Russia's most state-of-the-art line for the production of large-diameter pipes, and the company's team includes the best specialists of the metallurgical industry with fresh perspectives on production
Industry specialization
We concentrate only on the production of large-diameter pipes We concentrate only on the production of large-diameter pipes, without "putting" financing for third-party projects into their cost
Highest flexibility
Our equipment makes it possible to cost-effectively to fulfill individual informal orders, even for small volumes
Precise planning and efficient logistics
Well-adjusted production cycle and adjusted to the seconds Interaction of all services
Low reject rate
no more than 1%
Objective cost
The end product for the customer
6 hours
to reconfigure the line
At 15%
the pipe production time is reduced