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Pipe factories in Russia

Trubber industry of Russia

The metallurgical industry is the “iron foundation” of the entire economy of Russia. Production, especially large, construction, transport - it is impossible to imagine without the use of steel products, which is produced by numerous metallurgical enterprises.

One of the main types of products supplied to the market with metallurgical companies is, of course, pipes. Pipes are used in their “direct profile purpose”: as the main element of pipelines for various purposes, ranging from main oil and gas pipelines. Pipes and various pipe products are used as structural elements in construction, used in the mining industry in the arrangement of wells, pipes are necessary in agriculture and in the housing and communal sector.

In a word, pipes are needed everywhere and always. To provide the economy with high -quality, reliable products is a task that is facing the Russian pipelines. Without exaggeration, this is the task of state importance.

Producers of large diameter pipes

Demand gives rise to a proposal: today the country's pipe industry is on the rise. The total number of pipe plants in Russia is more than a hundred, both included in large metallurgical holdings and independent manufacturers.

The starting point for starting production can be considered the beginning of the century. Since 2000, total investments in the development of pipe production amounted to more than 500 billion rubles. Such serious investments gave the corresponding result. To date, the share of high -tech products on average exceeds 60%. In the amount of the Russian piping plants, more than 10 million tons of various types of profile products produce per year, when the release of which all the achievements of science and technology are actively used.

A peculiar “High League”-manufacturers of large diameter pipes necessary for the effective operation of the mining industry. The construction of new and modernization of existing main pipelines for pumping oil and gas products from their places of production - a project of a national scale. A project for which high -quality and durable products are necessary, ready to work in the most difficult conditions.

The manufacture of large diameter pipes requires both the corresponding scale of the enterprise and the constant improvement of technologies. That is why the production of pipes of large diameters can be called the "honorary right" of the largest pipeline plants in Russia.

Zagorsky Pipe Plant

Zagorsky Pipe Plant is an enterprise originally created as a new generation pipe plant. The main goal was the release of quality products that would meet not only existing requirements, but also focused on the requirements of tomorrow's day. And it is safe to say that the metallurgists near Moscow managed to cope with the task set for them.

Today, the Zagorsky Pipe Plant is confidently entering the leading group of Russian pipeline plants. A significant part in the product variety is consistent of steel straight -line electric welding pipes of large diameters (530 - 1420 mm, length up to 12.2 m) and designed for operating pressure up to 11.8 MPa. Pipes are produced both in the usual design and in a refrigerated design, which allows them to be used in the construction of pipelines of class I throughout Russia, including areas with the most difficult climatic conditions.

That is why the products of LLC Zagorsky Pipe Plant are found more and more regular customers. Among them - Gazprom, Rosatom, Rosneft, Novatek, FSUE Rosmorport. Cooperation with the best logistics enterprises allows us to ensure the maximum operational delivery of pipe products to any point on the map of Russia. At the end of 2021, the Grossmaster Rubezh was taken: the total production of large diameter pipes exceeded 2 million tons.

Never stop there - one of the motto of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant. New time is new challenges. The production of pipes up to 2520 mm in size, as well as in the immediate plans of the company - the deployment of the production of seamless steel pipes that differ in particularly high strength, has been mastered at the ZTZ. For this, the ZTZ was an audit on the global API-5LD system and became the first of the tubular plants in Russia to supply bimetallic pipes for the oil and gas industry not only to the domestic market, but also for foreign.

Pipe factories in Russia