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Production of large diameter pipes in Russia

The scope of the pipes of large diameter

The pipes are large diameter, that is, products with a diameter from 530 mm to 1420 mm or more - this is a real “steel classic”. At least just because of the sizes of the products themselves, and the production of large diameter pipes “can only only the largest steel companies and tube plants in Russia. & Nbsp; Indeed, the manufacture of large diameter pipes that meet the requirements of GOST is not an easy task, for the solution of which the manufacturer needs the corresponding equipment, the constant improvement of technologies, and significant experience in the production of this type of steel products.

& nbsp; “The size matters”: large diameter pipes are actively used in the implementation of projects of a national scale. Today, there are more and more similar projects in Russia. It is not surprising that from year to year, the volumes of production of large diameter pipes and related products increase. One of the leaders of the Russian market in the manufacture of large diameter pipes is the Zagorsky Pipe Plant company, an enterprise successfully operating in the Moscow region. The production of large diameter pipes is a significant part of the entire product manufactured by the company.

Steel products that have a large diameter are used for transporting various work substances, and as structural elements that can withstand significant loads. The rapid development of oil and gas and mining industry in Russia, intensive housing and industrial construction are the main drivers of growing large diameter pipes.

Also, steel products with a wide section are used in the arrangement of highways of water and heat supply, drainage and sewer systems. In deep pits requires reliable protection of the walls from shedding and penetration of groundwater - and this is also an “important work” for more size steel pipes.

Making large diameter pipes: Own production

The most popular type of large steel pipeline in Russia today is electric welding pipes. In electric welding products, as follows from the name, various methods of electrical welding of the seams are used.

& nbsp; depending on the technology of manufacturing a large diameter pipe, are divided into spirals and straight -length. Spiralshoval electric welding pipes “turn off” from a metal tape with simultaneous welding of the seam. A similar technology allows the manufacture of a large diameter pipe from 159 to 2520 mm with a steel wall thickness from 3.5 to 25 mm. According to GOST, the “standard” length of such products is 10 or 12 meters, it is allowed to produce non -6 meters long.

Direct products are made of sheet steel rental using molding and further welding in a straight line. Depending on the diameter of the future product, according to GOST, one or two longitudinal seam and one transverse are allowed. After molding the product and electric welding, in some cases, the ends are pruned and the strip of burrs is carried out.

The advantage of electric welding pipes is the possibility of their use in various environments, including oil and gas pumping, as well as other substances, including chemically aggressive. While spiralchic pipes can be used to transport only water and gas.

Another advantage of steel straight -line pipes is resistance to temperature changes (so characteristic of Russia's climate) and the ability to withstand pressure & nbsp; up to 12 MPa.

For additional protection of large diameter pipes during their production, products can be equipped with various types of insulation. & nbsp;

large diameter pipes: where to purchase

The production of large diameter pipes occupies an important place in the variety of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant. A year after year, the extensive production of this type of product allows the company to be a supplier for the largest corporations in Russia, including Gazprom, Rosatom, Rosneft, Novatek, and FSUE Rosmorport. Partnership with the best logistics companies allows you to quickly deliver the necessary steel products both to anywhere in Russia and to the countries of the far abroad.

As an example of the products of the Zagorsky tube factory, one can cite:

-steel pipes welded for main gas pipelines, oil pipelines and oil products (GOST 31447-2012) with a diameter of 530-1420 mm with a wall thickness from 8 to 35 mm and a length of up to 12.2 m

-pipes of steel-welded general-welding general purposes (GOST 10706-76) with a diameter of 530-1420 mm with a wall thickness of 8-35 mm and a length of up to 12.2 m

-steel pipes welded for trunk gas and oil pipelines (GOST 20295-85) with a diameter of 530-1420 mm with a wall thickness of 8-35 mm and a length of up to 12.2 m

By purchasing products of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant, you get a variety of products of the highest quality and in a short delivery time.

Production of large diameter pipes in Russia