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Shpunti pipe. Shpunti fencing of the foundation pit

Properties of a shopant fence from pipes

Each construction, whether it is a residential building or an engineering and technical facility, begins with a pit and its devices. Correctly carried out preparatory measures - a guarantee of the safety of the implementation of all subsequent work.

The walls of the pit should be reliably protected from the shedding of the soil, from penetrating the construction site of groundwater. In areas with special climatic conditions, the design of the walls of the fence should be designed to protect against the possible flooding of the pit during spring floods or heavy rains. At the same time, the construction of the pit's fence serves to protect not only internal, but also “external”: for example, when clogging piles, the effects on the foundations of the buildings located nearby are reduced.

According to the standards existing today, the fencing of the walls of the pit must be used for the depth of the pit of more than 1 meter in the case of bulk soils; In dense soil, the wall fencing is used from a depth of 2 meters.

One of the most effective and demanded technologies today in the construction of a variety of objects is the squint of the foundation pit.

A shopant pipe, or just a trumpeter-is a pipe equipped with a pair of special grooves located along it. Closely immersing equal diameters into the ground and connecting them into the overall structure, you can form a shopant fence of a pit, which has a number of significant advantages.

The main advantage of the pile of the foundation pit is its reliability: Spunte pipes have the greatest moment of resistance, the pipeline worship is indispensable in construction if the soil is moving or unstable. And the pipes connected to the overall design provide the required tightness of the wall.

At the same time, despite the high strength of the rogue pipes, the entire structure of the fence can be reinforced additionally. To do this, concreting is used, as well as the placement of additional enhancing structures inside the shop pipes (for example, channel or beams).

Using the Spunte pipes of various diameters, you can form a sloping fence of the foundation pit of the most complex profile. This is especially important in conditions of dense urban development, when the shape of the pit can be far from "correct".

Different methods of installation in the soil allow you to work with sloping pipes of various diameters. The most popular technology today is vibrating. Another method, which is often used in the installation of the walls of the pit is screwing: for this you need to pre -drill wells of a slightly smaller diameter than the diameter of the installed shopant pipe.

And one more useful property of shpunta pipes is the ability to use them repeatedly. After the construction is completed, the pile of the pit is dismantled, and the trumpets themselves are used in the future up to 10 or more times.

The use of large diameter pipes

As a rule, the diameter of the squeezers is 159-1520 millimeters. Large diameters can be used not only in the installation of a spont fence of the pit, but also to solve many other important tasks in construction.

So, the sloping pipes are actively used:

- to strengthen the coastline, to strengthen embankments and slopes, both natural and artificially created.

- with the installation of hydraulic facilities, shelf and coastal structures. Castle joints provide a wall of squeeze pipes with a property of tightness, and this, in turn, makes it possible to use water use as an alternative.

- Creation of hermetic reservoirs for industrial waste.

- Protection of underground communications from groundwater.

- Truboshpunt can be used as a pile for the device of supporting structures in the construction of pipelines for various purposes, during the construction of power lines.

- piles as supports for bridges, overpasses and overpasses - and in these cases, squire pipes are actively used.

Spunt pipes: where to purchase

Today, construction technologies & nbsp; Using pipes are actively used throughout the country, including the most inaccessible areas. Both civil construction and the implementation of the most large -scale infrastructure projects require constant supply of high -quality metal products.

The Zagorsky Pipe Plant actively increases the capacity of the trumpet, planning to ship to ship 100 & nbsp; 000 tons of sloppy pipes per year. To date, customers are delivered by squint pipes of their own production with a diameter of 530 to 1420 mm and with a wall thickness of 8 to 35 mm, equipped with castle joints of both Russian and foreign manufacturers. The products of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant corresponds to GOST R 52664-2010 and TU 5256-001-85736056-2017. Among the regular customers of ZTZ are leading Russian corporations, such as Gazprom, Rosatom, Rosneft, Novatek, and FSUE Rosmorport. Cooperation with reliable logistics digging allows the Moscow Region Metallurgists to ensure uninterrupted supply of the trumpeter to anywhere in both in Russia and in the world.