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Honest Dialogue Line
We are supporters of fair competition and doing business, and therefore we value our own reputation and the trust of our partners.

The corporate policy of ZTZ JSC strictly follows the anti-corruption federal legislation and internal regulations. In order to prevent and detect the facts of fraud, a hotline has been set up for the company's employees. hotline, a strictly anonymous communication channel.

You can contact the hotline not only about corruption offenses We believe that the team spirit should be healthy, inspiring and inspiring. We believe that the atmosphere in a team should be healthy and inspire employees to We believe that a healthy team atmosphere should inspire our employees to personal and professional growth.

Negative working moments can also be reported by calling the hotline number. Reports are considered personally by the General Director of ZTZ JSC.

You can send a message in several ways (Anonymity is guaranteed!):
Use the form on the website.
Send a text or voice message via WhatsApp to  8 (963) 990-10-07.
Direct communication with management
Zagorsky Pipe Plant JSC aims to become an advanced enterprise in the field of metallurgy in terms of compliance with occupational health and safety measures, as well as in the implementation of practices, increasing the professionalism and motivation of the personnel. There are two tools available to achieve this goal feedback tools available to every employee of the plant.
"The Box of Concern"
Each employee can drop a message into a special box with wishes, suggestions, or criticisms.
The box is located in the passageway from the The box is located in the passageway from the ABK to the TECC. Letters are picked up twice a week - on Tuesday and Friday.
According to the "Regulations on the use of The answer to the appeal will be provided in at least 4 working days.
Report Corruption
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