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How to minimize all risks when renting an apartment?

How to minimize all risks when renting an apartment?

01 January 1970
Real estate transactions attract scammers, since they often take place for large amounts compared to other areas of cash. Not every person will carefully read the contract or asks the original of the owner of the owner. In this case, it is difficult to prove the guilt of the fraudster in this case. One way or another, when renting an apartment, you need to know what to demand from the lessor and what to check.

use the right sites. To search for apartments, you should use the most popular and popular sites. Do not hope that you will find the perfect apartment on an unknown portal. For real estate, it is better to choose one of two platforms: Avito or Cyan. Use each service and decide for yourself what suits more.

do not rush to make a deposit. If at the first call to the owner, he says that he is not in the city or only drives up to the apartment, and as confirmation The fact that you will definitely appear, asks you a certain amount of rental price, refuse. Surely, this is a fraudster who will stop answering after receiving funds. Do not trust agencies for the sale of real estate. The agency is not always a guarantor of reliability. In addition to spending extra money, you can become a victim of a realtor who deceives people by providing useless services, one of which is informational. The agency is obliged to inform you of the contacts of potential landlords, but in fact the numbers are inoperative or non -existent. If the realtor asks to come to the office, insist on a meeting in the apartment or refuse.

Check the authenticity of the documents.

Order an extract from the USRN for housing, confirmation of the payment of all utility services and the original author: this is already enough to evaluate the honesty of the lessor. If the owner refuses to provide documents, then it is better to check on your own according to the data that you already have. Do not agree to accept photocopies of documents, since the fraudster could rent an apartment from the real owner in advance and be implemented by him to leave you in the future.

Compare the data.

The owners must coincide with extract from the USRN . Carefully read the address indicated in the contract, rent and lease term. Pay attention to your responsibilities. Check if utilities are included in the payment of the apartment. Unfortunately, you cannot completely exclude all the risks in real estate operations. Fraudulent schemes sometimes turn out to be so complicated that not every experienced realtor will be able to recognize them. The main thing in such transactions is careful and prepared.

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