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At the production sites of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant JSC, the American Petroleum Institute (API) ended.

01 January 1970

At the production sites of JSC Zagorsky Pipe Plant "The audit was completed American Petroleum Institute (API). During the audit that took place four days, not a single remark was recorded. Checks were carried out to fulfill the requirements of the API Q1, API 5L, as well as the API 5LD. The Zagorsky Pipe Plant is the only enterprise in the Russian Federation with an API-5LD certificate and can produce plated pipes for the needs of the oil and gas industry in accordance with the requirements of this international standard. Atomic and chemical industry - for example, in the cooling systems of reactors of nuclear power plants or pipelines for transporting aggressive substances in chemical industries.

the internal stainless metal layer makes the pipe more corrosion -resistant, and additional coating is not required. Placing avoids the negative effect of the environment on the inner surface of the pipe and significantly extend its service life - on average up to 40 years.

“The peculiarity of the corked pipes is that they are more resistant to various types of corrosion and The abrasive effects of the transported environment.

the presence of various impurities in gas or oil significantly affect the indicators of the PH environment, as a result, various aggressive compounds (acids and alkalis) can form, which lead to corrosion destruction of metal. For example, the presence of CO2 in gas can lead to carbon dioxide corrosion. Sand and various solid particles during the transportation of unpeeled hydrocarbons mechanically affect, abrasion, inner surface of the pipe.

Placing allows you to solve these problems and significantly slow down the destruction of the pipe during operation. Different stainless steel grades can be used as a protective layer in plated pipes. They are selected individually to ensure the balance between the cost of building a pipeline and corrosion protection ”, - says technology director Vitaly Golishev .

according to the managing director Zagorsky Pipe Plant Ivan Mikhin : “For 6 years, our plant traditionally offers the market high -tech pipes and pipe products. The way out with new offers that increase the reliability and wear resistance of pipes is the continuation of our strategy for the development of the company and the use of the latest technological solutions in the production of the latest. The readiness of the plant and the qualifications of personnel for the production of reliable world -class pipes are confirmed by audits of international certification systems, including API and TUV. A number of leading oil and gas processing domestic companies have already shown interest to our corked pipes ”.

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