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In the Urals steel, a meeting of representatives of the labor collective with the leadership of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant and Metalinvest was held

In the Urals steel, a meeting of representatives of the labor collective with the leadership of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant and Metalinvest was held

01 January 1970

In the Urals, a meeting of representatives of the labor collective with the leadership of the Metalloinvest and the Zagorsky Pipe Plant took place. The audience discussed the main directions of the strategic development of the plant.

“The acquisition of the Ural steel is part of our strategy for the construction of a vertically integrated holding based on strong metallurgical enterprises with significant potential of synergies in management, scientific and technical development and production . Holding enterprises will continue to supply consumers with high -quality metallurgical products, while noticeably diversifying the supplied varietal ", - the general director of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant Denis Safin stressed .

“The transaction will allow us to fully focus on priority projects in the field of development of iron production and steel with a low carbon footprint, send additional investments in improving the quality of iron ore products and mastering the processing of oxidized quartzites” , ”said general director of metalinest Nazim Efendiev .

Denis Safin also added: "For the management of Ural steel, a management company was created. It will include directors who have in various areas a lot of professional experience in metallurgy, including at the Zagorsky Pipe Plant and the Ural Steel. They will focus on the issues of strategic management and organization of the plant’s activities, the formation of a single metallurgical holding and issues of interaction between enterprises. For the period of integration, the headquarters of coordination will function. Ildar Ildar Sorcakov remains the managing director of the plant ”.

In the long run, the unification will allow you to maintain and strengthen the operational efficiency of both enterprises, to form and fix the position of the new holding in the main areas of the metallurgical business from the production of cast iron and became to the supply of high -alkali products for leading branches of the national economy - production, processing, processing , storage and transport of hydrocarbons, construction, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering. Metallinvest will continue to provide the Ural steel with iron ore raw materials on market conditions.

Ural steel is set to work in planned mode with obligations to existing Russian and foreign consumers. All social programs for the enterprise team will be preserved, in March and April, an indexation of employees wages will be held.

The issues of cooperation with the city and the region will be resolved in dialogue mode with the Novotroitsk administration and the governor of the Orenburg region.

The managing director of the Ural Steel Ildar Ildar Sorcakov thanked the shareholders and heads of metalinvest for a long -term successful development path, contribution to the modernization of the plant’s equipment, the improvement of the city and the care of the health and safety of metallurgists and their families. At the same time, he noted that the Zagorsky Pipe Plant is a team with healthy ambitions, resources and capable of achieving high results, together with which it is possible to successfully solve the tasks of increasing operating efficiency, developing deep processing projects of steel products as part of the strategy of the holding created.

Reference: Ural Steel JSC - a full -cycle metallurgical plant, including an alcohoksoma, steel and rolling production. The plant is the leading Russian manufacturer of bridge steels, the leading supplier of steel products for the construction, production of pipes, and high -quality ship steel. In 2021, the Novotroitsky plant produced 2.4 million tons of cast iron and 1.5 million tons of steel. The agreement on the sale of Ural steel was signed on February 2, the transaction was completed on February 28, 2022.

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