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The resource center of the Pipe Industry of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant began training students under target learning agreements

The resource center of the Pipe Industry of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant began training students under target learning agreements

01 January 1970

The Trust Industry Resource Center created Zagorsky Pipe Plant JSC at Sergiev Posad College -the first and only educational institution in the Moscow region, where they are preparing personnel for the metallurgical industry. Since November of this year, it has been led by the resource center of Alexey Alexandrovich Natalin .
Alexey Alexandrovich headed the Office for Corporate Communications and Special Projects of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant and it was with it that the idea of ​​creating an educational institution was born that would prepare specialists For the flagship industrial enterprise of the Moscow Region.
Alexei is well acquainted with both production and personnel issues of the company, has experience in managerial activities. Today, his task is to increase the authority of working professions among young people and provide young specialists with guaranteed employment.

“For me it is important for me to provide students with a resource center with a quality education, both theory and practice, but the primary task is to solve - to solve it The question of the employment of graduates to make them in demand. Young people are not just finding a good job. We offer each student a target agreement, which is concluded for the entire term of training and guarantees employment at the modern Zagogorsky Pipe Plant. In addition, students studying under a targeted contract have the opportunity to undergo in -depth practice at the factory during training. Thus, a young specialist gains the necessary experience, then develops the professional skills gained during training ”, - comments Alexey Natalin .

Production practice - a unique opportunity for students of resource The center is to receive knowledge not only in theory, but also to begin acquaintance directly with work at the enterprise itself. A mentor from among the factory employees is assigned to each student during practice. Its functions include training and accompanying a future specialist. At the time of practice, the student officially employs at the factory and receives a salary of 20 to 25 thousand rubles.

since the beginning of 2022, the “Celivics” students of the resource center for the entire training of training are planned to pay a scholarship of 1 to 4 thousand rubles a month depending From academic performance, as well as provide free lunches in college.

Today, more than 550 students are studying in the resource center. Classes are conducted according to programs approved by the Ministry of Education of the Moscow Region, taking into account the requirements of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant.

Managing Director of Zagorsky Pipe Plant JSC Andrey Lyaskovsky : "Creating a resource center, For us - a serious contribution to the professional training of personnel for the enterprise. Training in new personnel in accordance with relevant production needs is the priority of our personnel policy. ”

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