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As part of the anniversary PMGF, ZTZ presented products for the development of the Arctic shelf

As part of the anniversary PMGF, ZTZ presented products for the development of the Arctic shelf

01 January 1970
Within the framework of the anniversary PMGEF 2021, a line of pipe products was represented under the new Wallpi brand.

The Zagorsky Pipe Plant, as part of the Jubilee St. Petersburg International Gas Forum, introduced a new product line under the Wallpi brand. These are advanced solutions for the construction of coastal strengthening structures, as well as ground and underground overpasses. The product line includes pipes of ultra -large diameter, which can be used to protect coastal arctic zones from drifting ice, a pipeline -wrapped to strengthen the berth walls, and piles, for the construction of port zones.

The creative concept of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant stand visually sends visitors to products included in the Wallpi line. So, the main element of the design of the stand is the pipe of a super -large diameter, which forms a peculiar dome above the stand. Elements of furniture are sent to the pipeline and piles. As part of the exhibition, the specialists of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant have consultations on the new line of Wallpi products. To date, the third day of the exhibition, a number of negotiations with potential customers have been held.

Marketing of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant Alexander Val: “One of our main achievements this year The appearance of the Wallpi line is - and this includes not only the development of a unique type of TBD of super -large diameter and other products, but also the creation of a new brand with its own concept, the formation of a product image and others. That is why the enterprise stand this time is executed in a cold-metal style, but at the same time filled with warm communication with visitors to the stand. We are waiting for everyone to visit to discuss how we contribute to the development of the Arctic. "
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