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Zagorsky Pipe Plant entered the top 10 enterprises with the highest salaries in the Sergiev Posad district

01 January 1970

Zagorsky Pipe Plant JSC entered the top 10 employers of the Sergiev Posad District, offering the highest salary for working professions. The rating is compiled by the city portal sergiev-posad.ru together with Sergiev Posad Employment Center and published under the heading" who to go to work to earn?

So, according to the rating, the wages of the electric welder of pipes on the camp at JSC ZTZ reaches 80460 rubles. per month, the driver of the molding machine - up to 57472 rubles. per month. Thus, the level of monthly earnings of a specialist of the working profession at JSC ZTZ is released on a par with wages, for example, an epidemiologist No. 94 FMBM (60,000 rubles per month) and the head of the Sergiev Posad RB (80,000 rubles in the department. month). Zagorsky Pipe Plant, according to the results of 2021, showed sustainable economic growth and in connection with the launch of a new production and expansion of the order package conducts an additional set of employees.

by order of the CEO of Denis Safin in 2021, wages of workers' employees Specialties were indexed three times: the total increase amounted to 17%, which significantly exceeded the growth in inflation. Thanks to this increase, wages at ZTZ JSC in the category of “workers” continues to persist at the level above average indicators in the Moscow region, and the plant remains one of the most attractive employers in the region.

Andrey Anatolyevich Lyaskovsky, managing director of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant JSC :

"For the Zagorsky Pipe Plant, workers always remain the main value. People do not only work at the factory from Peresvet and Sergiev Posada, but and from neighboring regions. In order to attract people to the plant, we constantly improve working conditions, conduct training, regularly index wages. Programs are launched that allow our employees to be professionally implemented not only in their working areas, but also, on the entire scale of the plant within the framework projects "Golden Idea" and "Investment Program". On the social line we also have constant improvements: the factory introduces subsidies for food in the dining room, free corporate Valine transport, delivering employees from all districts of the district and from the city of Aleksandrov of the Vladimir region, is regularly held corporate and sporting events. Now the plant is 100%loaded with orders, and we have a lot of vacancies. We are ready to hire people of various specialties, ZTZ, if necessary, provides an opportunity for additional training. "

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