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ZTZ and Ural steel put metal products for the East Oil project

ZTZ and Ural steel put metal products for the East Oil project

01 January 1970

The Zagorsky Pipe Plant and the Ural Steel Plant (included in the Unified Metallurgical Holding) put barks and pipes for the construction of Rosneft's trunk pipeline from the deposit in the Vankorsk cluster to the oil terminal in the port of the North Bay.

ZTZ signed a three -year contract for the supply of 150 thousand tons of pipes in the insulation of PPU. Since October, more than 45 thousand tons of products have been shipped. Pipes with ZTZ for Vostok Oil are delivered to the ports of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, which works only during the navigation period, and year -round ports in Arkhangelsk and Murmansk. From there on the water directly to the "North" Bay.

The Ural steel for this project shipped more than 100 thousand tons of barns from the colable steel of the K60-I2 brand of the Chelyabinsk pipe plant (part of TMK). For the first time in its history, the plant was able to quickly produce and ship such a large volume of the bar for only 6 months.

ZTZ and CSS are modern customer -oriented enterprises that produce a demanded high -quality products for the construction of gas -snowbags. They pay attention not only to the development of production capacities and the development of innovative steel brands, but also to the constant improvement of service processes and management. Thanks to this, accounting for customers and the flexibility of the entire production chain from receiving the order to shipment is ensured. Enterprises have resources and great prospects for joint participation in strategic infrastructure projects, in particular in such a strategically important project as Vostok Oil with a resource base of more than 6 billion tons of premium low -hearted oil.

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