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ZTZ reduced the delivery time of large -format steel rental from the Far East

01 January 1970
to date, more than 55,000 tons of steel rental has been transported from South Korea to the European part of Russia in a record time.
From April to December of the current year, 55,000 tons of products were organized from the Zagorsky Pipe Plant production site. Delivery of products from the manufacturer (company Posco ) directly to the sheet warehouse is no more than 25 days. << /span>
The delivery of a large-format sheet in such volumes on special platforms on the Trans-Siberian Railway has not been produced for more than 6 years. The delivery time of the sheet from the manufacturer was almost halved thanks to a number of technical and organizational changes carried out by the Zagorsky Pipe Plant together with Vladivostok Sea Trade Port and Russian railways . >
Director for procurement and logistics of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant Sergey Golubtsov: " Reducing the delivery time of imported large-format sheet rental equalizes in terms of logistics South Korea with Russian manufacturers and allow us to feel more confident in terms of providing orders with a sheet. Listen rental scheme, leaf transfer, leaflet, Similar of ours, they did not use 6 years due to a number of technical restrictions that my colleagues and I managed to decide. We see its effectiveness. First of all, it is commercially. "
next year the cooperation of the Zagorsky Pipe Plant and the South Korean company Posco will continue.
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